The health situation that our country is currently going through is exceptional. Like you, no doubt, I am worried.
For several days, with ladies Ersin and Fernandez, we have been on the bridge in order to face the challenges of the hour and bring you the most relevant answers that we can collect.
You have to be aware. that we’re overwhelmed with conflicting calls and information that we have to keep checking. It is an exhausting job and I warmly thank my collaborators for their dedication.
With the support of our President, also Alderman of the city of Herstal, Mr. Laverdeur, we follow the news closely to make the most appropriate decisions.
I know that some companies have decided to lay off their workers, it is unfortunately not possible as it stands, because the public authorities have not yet decided to ban us. To ignore this is to expose ourselves to the risk of a cash shortage which would prevent us from guaranteeing the payment of your wages.
This motivation may seem harmless, but without government measures, rent, various charges (water, gas, electricity, etc.) remain due.
Through my recent mandate as co-president of the Platform of the Walloon FTAs, I challenged the political authorities so that they authorize us to decree the closure of companies by guaranteeing the payment of the maximum of your remuneration. I am awaiting a reaction.
In the meantime, I can only refer you to the measures already recommended:
1 ° look at your emails or directly on the site to be quickly informed of the latest news
2 ° Put on gloves when you work
3 ° wash your hands when arriving and departing from a customer
4 ° if a client cancels, we declare you unemployed, but the cancellation must come from him
5 ° Ms. Fernandez is available to inform you of time credit possibilities
6 ° Be patient if we do not answer within a minute on the phone and prefer emails
7 ° I invite you to explain to your clients over 60 that they must stop the services, if they have not already done so. And failing that to warn me that I confirm that you no longer have to do the cleaning during the current period. However, I appeal to your solidarity if you are faced with situations of social isolation. Contact us to see what we can possibly do.
8 ° know that you have an administrative team that has been fighting for you for several days.

I am convinced that it is thanks to our composure that the society we have built over the years will be able to weather this ordeal.

Tomorrow, like almost every day for 20 years, I will go to the office. I will do it because I know that I will not meet anyone on my journey, I will be alone (we have agreed that ladies Ersin and Fernandez would telecommute) and that I will not open to anyone for fear of infecting him if, unfortunately, I had been infected myself. This is the way I found showing you my respect for your daily work.

Connect to our site, on the News section, ( and know that I will keep you informed of any new development.

Jean-Michel Lovinfosse