How does it work ?

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We will give you all the necessary information and arrange the schedule for the initial hours to be worked.

Registering with the service voucher system

We will take care of your registration (free of charge) : all you have to do is return the document that we will send you by post.
(What is a service voucher ?)

Ordering the service vouchers

  1. A few days after we have registered you, Sodexo will send you your ID in the form of a 12 digit user number.
  2. Transfer money to the total value of the service vouchers that you want to order to the Sodexo bank account: 
    • Bruxelles : BE28 0017 7246 3620
    • Wallonie : BE15 0017 7247 4330
    • Flandre : BE41 0017 7246 2610
    • For example: If you want to order 10 service vouchers at a value of €9, you will have to transfer €90 (10 x €9).
  3. Enter the user number that Sodexo has sent you in the structured message (12 digits).(How do I pay with a service voucher ?)

All the detailed information on service vouchers. Our team is also there to help answer your questions.

is that all ?

Yes ! As a certified company, we will also arrange the following :

  • The drawing up of an agreement, the selection of your domestic help, the creation of his/her employment contract, personnel administration, …