Your benefits

An affordable


You will benefit from a €0.90 tax break per service voucher for the first 150 cheques bought per person. A service voucher of €9 therefore only actually costs €8.10 after the tax reduction.

If you have a limited income, you can order service vouchers and benefit from a tax reduction via a ‘refundable tax credit’.

You won’t pay any supplement: all other costs (registration fee, administrative fee, travel costs for your domestic help from home to place of work, work clothes, insurance…) are paid by arobase services.


domestic helps

You are covered when our domestic helps work in your home :

  • By our insurance, if your domestic help has an accident while working at your home or on the way to your home
  • By our civil liability insurance in case of damage caused by your domestic help with no deductible
A legal context and

declared work

Undeclared work is a punishable offence. Thanks to the service voucher system, you will not suffer the penalties associated with working “in the black”.

New self-employed

mother ?

Self-employed women receive 105 service vouchers upon the birth of their child via their social security bureau. This is to help them return to their professional activity after maternity leave, while still enjoying family life.

Contact arobase services and find the person that will give you valuable help during a particularly busy period in your life !

Take advantage of a reimbursement

from your health insurance company

In certain cases, health insurance companies will reimburse you for a percentage of your service vouchers. This reimbursement varies depending on your social or family situation or your state of health. Ask your company for more information about your benefits.