Our domestic helps trained in eco-friendly cleaning

Besides offering its clients a range of total and eco-friendly services, arobase services also develops the skills of its team and provides practical, valuable and useful training for daily life. That’s why our entire domestic help team has undergone training in eco-friendly cleaning. This training course enables each member of the team to discover how to make and use products that are less polluting to effectively maintain and clean your home.

In addition to understanding the safety precautions, each domestic help is now capable of using traditional recipes that work, whether on the basis of sodium bicarbonate, lemon, or vinegar, etc.

If this type of approach appeals to you, your domestic help can offer to use natural cleaning products, in the form of either multi-usage or more specific products, for the house or for the laundry. Don’t hesitate to talk to your domestic help about this: she will come to an arrangement with you about the methods and the products to be used.