@-services says hello Tcom !

Behind this name – previously calling a manga robot – is actually an extra module for our database.
Thanks to him, we now have the possibility to send text messages to alert you to absences from your regular domestic help.
Especially when we are notified of an absence, and once you have read your mobile phone number, we will send a message with the name of the employee and the dates of the period of absence.
We ask you if you want a replacement and you can reply directly to your usual speed.
Finally, we draw: “the @ services team“.
We use two mobile numbers according to the sending site: 0472 / 91.90.65 & 0496 / 67.32.97. Maybe code them to identify us more easily.
We hope that this development will further improve our communication, while you can view the information we send you when and where you want it.